About Me


Hi, I'm Bethany Knight. I'm a certified Primal Health Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist (Lic # 10083) located in the Charleston area of South Carolina.

In the past, I have worked for the National Park Service reconnecting visitors with nature daily. The outdoors and health were always something I was fascinated by, however, it was always confusing to me how to actually become healthy. I found myself waist deep in the conventional approaches to wellness and suffered with an ever-expanding waistline and a year-round bout of allergies. It was not until I was introduced to the idea that food is medicine that I was finally able to turn my well-being around. Suddenly, I had consistent energy, clear skin, and clear sinuses. I still reconnect with nature as a way to de-sensitize myself from the hustle and bustle of city life, wearing minimalist shoes, grounding and hiking the nearby Blue Ridge mountains. Raising my family in the Primal lifestyle and teaching people how to reclaim their lives and to pursue things they love is my new passion in life. I never knew how good I could feel by simply changing the way I ate. If poor health has been holding you back from living your full potential, take the proactive steps today.

First things, first!

As you know, I need to include a disclaimer before you read any of my advice. So here goes, this website is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a physician. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. 

Also, I have affiliate links on this site which in some cases allows me to receive a small commission from the products or services you buy. This allows for me to pay the expenses of running a website and helps me keep the website free of ads. Help support my mission in bettering the lives of others through coaching by purchasing through the links on the website and in the blog post. 


Bethany Knight, CPHC, LMT